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Our law firm

Our law firm

ODINOT & CUSSAC has expertise in multiple sectors of activity and offers legal assistance to identified business branches of the company in areas as varied as mergers and acquisitions, taxation, contracts and trade disputes, protection of intangible assets (infringement action, unfair competition, parasitism, ambush marketing), social relations within the company, pacts and conflicts between partners, defense of the manager.
The firm has developed particular expertise in insolvency proceedings law and has successfully presented continuation and safeguard plans for mid-sized companies in different sectors of activity (transport, tools, trading, distribution, automotive industry, construction, etc.) .
Its mode of operation is particularly appreciated by family companies and family offices.


Jean Joseph Cussac, founder of CUSSAC & Associés in 1985 and Gabrielle ODINOT, founder of ODINOT & Associés in 2000, merged and created the A.A.R.P.I. ODINOT & CUSSAC with the aim of creating a firm dedicated to advising and litigating strategic business operations and in particular strengthening their offer on corporate and tax issues.

Positioned in business law, the firm supports companies and their managers in their development and in times of crisis. Its expertise in multiple sectors of activity makes it a privileged partner of the company.

Our approach

Our approach

Entrepreneurial adventure

For more than 30 years

Stable and experienced team

Intelligence is collective

Creativity and common sense

The alliance of common sense

Understanding of financial management

Trained in financial management

Our engagements

Our engagements

Proximity and Swiftness

Proximity and thorough knowledge and understanding of business constraints allow us to handle issues efficiently and optimize analysis, advice and assistance in legal disputes.

Compliance with agreed time-frames and swiftness in intervention are tangible elements of efficiency.


Odinot & Cussac’s teams combine expertise, multi-faceted skills, and various legal backgrounds. Our professional diversity creates synergy, efficiency and creativeness.

A multi-faceted approach allows us to handle cross-topic issues and find solutions for complex situations. It also brings consistency when setting up overall strategies.

Trust and transparency

Trust and transparency are some of our key values. They structure the professional practice of Odinot & Cussac at every stage of our work, whether in defining our mission, determining fees (fixed or time-based), setting up a strategy, or following up cases.

Clients are informed on a regular basis. They can follow the steps taken and how their cases are progressing. This fosters counsel-client communication and is a strong factor of success.



Odinot & Cussac has developed close ties with U.S. attorneys specialized by industry sector, certified public accountants and real estate professionals with whom it collaborates on a daily basis.

Thanks to this cooperation and a partnership with HUB4US, a consulting firm created in 2012 and based in New York, N.Y., USA at the instigation of its founder, Gabrielle ODINOT, the firm has the appropriate organization to assist its clients in the development of their activities in the United States.

Intellectual Property and Media

Counsels to creators and their beneficiaries and right holders, Odinot & Cussac’s lawyers...

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Corporate Tax
Taxation of individuals

Odinot & Cussac assists both businesses and executives to implement pragmatic and innovative...

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Commercial and economic law

Businesses are constantly investing in new projects that allow them to expand. Their sustainable development...

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Labor and employment law
Social & responsibility law

Our firm adapts to the business needs of our clients and aim to help them evolve serenely...

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Collective procedures and restructuring

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